Github Pages Setup

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A blog at last! I have lost count of the number of hours I have wasted in trying to set up a blog for my long list of rather “impressive” technical feats. I guess it speaks a lot about my configurational skills (if you are a potential recruiter, or a “contact”, I’m just kidding! No really!). Anyway, now that I have reached the summit, I must plant the Done flag in the form of this post. And if it can guide any other lost soul in setting up their github pages blog, even better. Though something tells me that the lost soul is going to be future me!

So, who all to thank ?

Well, it’s actually just one resource which I stumbled upon luckily today. It guided (read ‘hand-held-guidance’) with the basic (read ‘all’) configurations for setting up the environment and the website using a basic template. Thank you, kind sir! Thank you! As for the customized template, I found a list of templates on this website and found this one best suited to my needs.

Being new to the whole jekyll set up and workings, the startup guide provided with this template was enough to get me through. And here I am, writing the first post on this blog. Psyched!

Anyway, that’s about it for the first post. Peace out!

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